What Is A Sofa

What Is A Sofa. A couch, also known as a sofa, settee, futon, or chesterfield (see etymology below), is a piece of furniture for seating two or three people. The bed is mechanically engineered to fold into and out of the base another factor to consider when looking for a sofa bed is the layout of your room.

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If you want to know your divan from your davenport, read our complete guide to sofa words. Sofa, on the other hand, stems from the arabic word suffah, which is essentially a wooden bench covered in blankets and cushions. What is commonly believed to be a seat made for two, it was actually designed in the late 17th century as a chair that would fit the elaborately large dresses of the time.

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But today's designers are looking to take the nuance out of our seating and sell it like we say it: The score is based on six different scores one each. The word may have entered european languages via turkish or through the moorish occupation of spain. A sofa can be defined as an upholstered bench with cushions, two arms, and space for several people to sit.